Important Zoning on Campground Rd! New Date

Calamar Residents,

I was contacted today by our District 3 County Commissioner, Todd Levent about the zoning of the property across Campground Rd. (his letter is attached below).

I am very concerned that the other  three Commissioners are being heavily influenced by Cindy Mills (District 4 Commissioner, the northern most District in Forsyth County)  to approve higher density zoning for this property and others. Cindy has already successfully pushed through some other bad zoning decisions for our district.

In trying to figure out the incentive that Cindy may have for all this high density she is approving and pushing for, I have found out a few things.  Cindy Mills may have a personal interest in land being developed at higher density levels. Cindy is a real estate agent for Bryan Properties a major player in land sales in our area (you may recollect having seen the blue and white signs all over the county). While she may not be the listing agent of these properties, there is a very good chance she stands to benefit from the higher land values that land owners receive when higher density zoning is approved. I my personal opinion, there is a great conflict of interest in her voting in these matters of zoning.

Back to our local issue, if you think traffic is bad now, and your schools are already over crowded, just wait and see how bad it is about to get if these commissioners approve the higher density housing along Campground Rd. Once president has been set for the higher density zoning, there will be more and more houses to come and it will have been to late to do anything about it.

There is a petition to stop the higher density approval and I have included a link to it but, signing the petition is not going to be enough to stop this zoning approval. If we truly value this unique area we live in, we must show up in mass at the Commissioner’s meeting  Thursday, March 5th at 5:00 p.m., and voice our collective disapproval of higher density zoning approvals in our area especially zoning application 3704 on Campground Rd.

Please show up at this meeting and be heard. I know that 5:00 p.m is a difficult time with dinner, family, and traffic, but this is really our last chance to get this higher density stopped. Carpool, find babysitters, get off early, do what ever you can to get there.  Bring small signs that say “RES 2 FOR CAMPROUND”. The address for the meeting is 110 East Main St., Cumming, GA.

Link to petition Sign the Petition

Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated by all who live in our beautiful area.


Strom Thurman
Calamar HOA


Letter from Todd Levent:

FORSYTH COUNTY COMMISSIONERS will consider a zoning next Thursday 2-19-2015 @ 5:00pm under New Business. The location is 110 East Main Street Cumming Ga. suite 220. That zoning is ZA 3704. It is located on Campground road. In order to comply with the State constitution a parcel that is zoned AG. is entitled to a zoning. That does not mean the commissioners should zone higher density than in the surrounding area. They also need to consider weather or not it will be required to… have sanitary sewer. A res. 2 category does just that. It has 25,5000 sq. ft. lot size min. for septic and 18,500 for sewer. The 18,500 seems the most logical fit for the area since sanitary sewer is require. Unfortunately they have filed for a res 3 under the old lot size that will allow a min. 10,000 sq. ft. lot. Some of the commissioners are considering voting for this with an average lot size of 16,000. The mass majority of the people in the area and I believe a lower density res. 2 is the best fit. Sometimes it is necessary for the public to email and show up in person to support their beliefs. If the commissioners do not hear from you some of them think you do not care and they do as they wish.

Email addresses for the county commissioners:
Pete Amos,
Cindy Mills,
Brian Tam,
Jim Boff,
Tood Levent,

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